CRTC Asks Rogers to Probe Online Game Throttling Complaints

The CRTC has asked Rogers to probe complaints from an online gaming group about throttling of Call of Duty: Black Ops. The complaint follows multiple complaints about Rogers throttling of World of Warcraft.


  1. The Black Op’s testing data was appended to the World of Warcraft complaint, and is not part of this complaint. I explain further here:

  2. Um . . .
    So Rogers gets to investigate itself? We used to let the police do this, too, at one point.

  3. Iain, the term “probe” can lead to a misunderstanding. The CBC article linked indicates that the CRTC has “asked Rogers to disclose by Sept. 2 whether it has tested any other games and apps”. That is the first step in the process.

  4. Helicopter Game
    Hope this doesnt happen with any Helicopter Game and destroy its servers.