Parsons on ISP Audits

Christopher Parsons makes a compelling case for the CRTC conducting regular audits of Canadian ISPs to test for a range of issues including uptime, throttling, actual speeds, and congestion.

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  1. Bill MacEachern says:

    Compelling case?
    Hopefully this compelling case will be larger than the lobbying effort that will most certainly crush any such initiative. Bell, Rogers, Shaw & Cogeco would be falling all over themselves in their haste to tell the gov’t this measure would cost jobs, raise rates, increase global warming and cause hardship for kittens and bunnies. Maybe they could even squeeze in a “Think of the Children!” angle, too.

  2. David Waterloo says:

    Rogers Extreme Plus 600 KBPS to 1 MBPS Rogers Admitted issue Every Night for 1 month
    Several Rogers cable internet subscribers in Southern Ontario have been experiencing steady and predictable night time speeds of 1 MBPS or less from approx. 5 PM to 3 AM. Every night (excluding Thanksgiving Weekend) for 1 month. Rogers CAT department admitted issue is a Rogers issue on 10/3. Problem is worst in areas where Rogers has added to many subscribers to a node, causing a bottleneck where the coax meets the Fiber optic. Elizabeth Alvarado Rogers Office of the President, and Diane, in high speed C.A.T. department call me once a week to say, still working on Rogers issue, still no ETA. There seems to be NO consumer advocacy group that wants to touch this. If your service is on, it seems there’s nothing that stops one of the largest tele communications, internet providers in the country from not delivering even 5% of what what they offer their Extreme and Ultimate subscribers, every night for a month. Where are the regulators? Who will finally make Rogers play fair? Canada’s internet and secure future require we move forward, innovation, not new fees, bandwidth caps and broken throttling.