Comparing ACTA and the TPP

PIJIP has prepared a comparison of ACTA and the TPP’s IP chapter with a document on the main highlights and a line-by-line analysis. The documents provide further evidence that the TPP would require Canada to fundamentally overhaul its copyright laws, including many of the provisions found in Bill C-11.


  1. So…
    TPP is the US’s new attempt to export their laws, or what they would want to be laws yet they can’t pass them in their country atm.

    While I hope Canada will not only not join TPP but will ignore it completly… I suspect that Harper will simply give up all Canadian rights and give the legislative rights to the US…

    And people elected him in a majority… *sigh*

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  3. Anonymous Coward says:

    First Past The Post != Majority
    First Past The Post is a system that has outlived its usefulness. It’s undemocratic in that it doesn’t accurately reflect the wishes of the populace – it can only be used as a tool to look at the wishes of a township. First Past The Post may work in a small country, but it is _not_ democracy – it is rule by the oligarchy, not by the people.