Catching Up on Lawful Access Columns

With so much focus this week on Bill C-11 and ACTA, I’ve neglected to post two recent columns on lawful access. The first piece (Ottawa Citizen version, homepage version) focuses on the potential for compromise in the legislation, with particular attention to the issue of maintaining court oversight for subscriber information disclosures but providing greater assurances of rapid access when necessary for law enforcement. The second article (Toronto Star version, homepage version) discusses the “Big Brother Inc” implications of lawful access, connecting the growing global industry in surveillance technologies with Bill C-30’s provisions that give the government the power to insert its own surveillance tools directly within Internet provider networks.


  1. LaughingMan3000 says:

    Who Watches The Watchmen?
    Our government has failed us! Not only the Conservatives but the NDP and Liberals! It’s time Canadians take Canada back! Shout out for changes in the government! Changes that will put the power back in the hands of the people! We need laws that allow us to fore referendums on the politicians when they get out of hand and laws to punish the politicians for when they go to far!

  2. Anonymous just took down Harper.
    This must be seen:

    Apparently, when government asks the geeks to spy on us, geeks spy on the government first.

    Just one drop from the never ending stream of unintended consequences of trying to centralize the distribution of knowledge.

  3. margaret beresford says:

    who watches the watchmen?
    It is nice to understand the problem with governments today but if as one of your comments is true all parties are interchangeable except they didn’t include the Green Party. I would like to see this party have the opportunity to govern, could not be any worse than Harper and his corporate entities. If not possible then a tax movement nationally to stop policies we never were told about or would vote for.

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