The Math Behind Copyright Math

Rob Reid has posted further details on the numbers behind his $8 Billion iPod TED Talk.


  1. Gerald Nunn says:

    Bad Link
    The link to the file under “further details” doesn’t work.

  2. Bad Link
    It looks like he may have copied a local link from his computer into the URL text. The real link is at the end if you look at the URL:

  3. Hmm…
    Hmm. It looks like the comments truncate links without making them clickable? I’ll try again with the long version and a short URL…

  4. I think the other $50 billion is the loss from resales. For some reason the music industry expects that customers will repurchase their music for new format…and for each device they own.
    so if you have a computer + digitial music player + digital music player built into your car=3x the numbers of sales.

  5. oh yeah and they expected to be able to force the sale to be an album instead of the 1-2 good songs off the album

  6. Love it!
    The impending doom of a big music industry frying in its own fat a boon to the oppressed!