Canadian Participation in TPP May Be Running into Trouble

The Globe reports that Canada’s participation in the Trans Pacific Partnership may be running into trouble as the U.S. insists that Canada signal its readiness to abandon supply management as a condition for joining the talks. Other reports have indicated that Canada would not have an opportunity to negotiate the TPP, but would rather be forced to accept the agreement in its current form.  The TPP would also result in a virtual surrender of copyright sovereignty, with extensive changes required to Canadian law.

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  1. And… why?
    Why would Canada give up their ability to make laws that protects canadians?

    ah yes… so we can become simply a mouthpiece of the RIAA/MPAA/CRIA…

  2. Are we still a sovereign nation?
    Are we? Are well still an independent country?

    I mean this sounds like we are getting annexed, that our country will no longer be ours.

    This is really some very scary stuff right here.

  3. Couldn’t we just… not?
    I’m not sure where Canada stands to benefit as far as the TPP is concerned. We already have free trade with the United States. We are negotiating FTAs with South Korea and India, and quite recently Japan. We have good trade relations with China, Australia and New Zealand already. Considering that we already have, or are planning on getting, market access to several TPP countries as well as other major players in Asia, it’s not clear how we benefit from this, especially considering what we’d have to give up.

  4. Open Market
    Kinda hypocritical insisting that we employ an open market (abandon supply management), at the same time insisting that we implement market & social controls to keep digital markets from being affected by open market forces. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a Canadian open market, where competition exists perpetually. But I’m not seeing a whole lot of willingness, on either the governmental or corporate element of society (our or their), to employ a competitive market outside of labour supply to companies, or resource supplies to America.
    If freer trade around the Pacific rim is desirable, then Harper and crew can earn their wage by negotiating with other, more resonant nations, one by one. I see no reason why we *must* eat the whole cake in one sitting.