Mexico Signs ACTA Amid Speculation It Was Price of TPP Admission

Despite a Mexican Senate recommendation not to do so, Mexico unexpectedly signed the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement yesterday. There is some speculation that signing the agreement was a U.S. condition for joining the Trans Pacific Partnership talks. The Mexican Senate must still ratify the agreement for it to take effect.


  1. Adrian Blanco says:

    México is on a pacific revolution, internet help to organize people.

  2. Den Mother says:

    No surprise
    Given the return of the PRI party to the federal government’s executive branch, this is really no surprise. The PRI itself is a staunch ally of the US, especially on business and trade matters where the party’s ruling elite have a vested interest. (Pena Nieto’s attendance to both the Davos conference in Switzerland and subsequent consultations with the last PRI president Ernesto Zedillo while there and his attendance of one of Mexico’s biggest oligarch’s -Carlos Slim – son’s weddings should have served as a clear signal of things to come.)

    The composition of the Senate there has shifted to the PRI (the largest minority now) but there’s no reason to doubt ACTA’s approval.