Canadian ACTA Compliance Bill Inches Forward

Earlier this year, Industry Minister Christian Paradis introduced a bill aimed at ensuring that Canada complies with the discredited Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. The bill raises a host of concerns including granting border guards increased powers without court oversight or review. The bill had not been heard from since its introduction, but yesterday Paradis moved that the bill be read a second time and referred to committee for further study.

There was insufficient time to complete the necessary debate, so it will come back to the House for further discussion and then proceed to committee. While it is unclear whether there is enough time to pass the bill before the summer – if the government studies it properly there is realistically no chance of doing so – the bill’s re-emergence is warning sign that ACTA is still very much on the government’s radar screen. Indeed, the fact that Paradis chose to move forward with this bill while his privacy legislation has sat dormant since September 2011 speaks volumes about the current legislative priorities.


  1. Junji Hiroma says:

    They’ll pass this like Japan has passed their own version of ACTA
    Will It get rid of piracy?Nope. plus more copyright bills are being made till the world accepts one of them.The music and movie industries won’t EVER quit ,when will we say “enough is enough” and stare these corperations out?

    Also we got praised for approving ACTA by….SUPRISE! The USTR:

  2. Junji Hiroma says:

    *starve (stupid typo)

  3. just passing through says:

    Your Government at work…
    Typical. Another Conservative Government kissing American butt. No fighter jets to trash for this generation so they will just give away Canadian sovereignty and freedom.

  4. Junji Hiroma says:

    @justpassingthrough Japan did the same thing,they got stupid and decided to bow the US and Pass ACTA over there.

    “The operating principle of international copyright law might as well be this: never put all of your eggs in one basket. Dispersion is the key—multiple fronts of attack, one after another. Activists and critics will see the maneuvers; but, as with any war of attrition, the opposition’s momentum dissipates. And the majority of the world’s population are fully ignorant of international affairs, dazzled as they are by technological titillation, reality TV, political theater, etc.

    In that ignorance lies the ability to pass trade agreements like TAFTA.”

    In short THEY will have their cake and eat it too like Marie Antoinette and get at least ONE copyright bill through.

  5. pat donovan says:

    legal or not
    they’re big on paper but not legality.

    unless of course, the US decides to honor it’s treaties and submit to outside authority…

    which never happens.

    MOST of these things are NOT legal under canadian law, NOT getting passed legally and CAN’T be enforced without a info-cop in every computer in the land

    at which point, politico pron and weird finances will prob’ly start looking more interesting that teeagers downloading tunes.


  6. The CPC desperately need to declare a war — to rally their base, who are starting to talk about a purge; to feed a new media cycle; to divide the attention of detractors. But, this being Canada, where that urge takes them is to pander to US imperialism. They’re writing their script for the summer recess — this, the story on tightening up federal public sector performance appraisals ( a project already well underway) — what else? Something on guns? Throw some mud, if they have it? Liberals are claiming the pipeline or otherwise that would be the obvious pick. Oh — wait…

  7. Just Passing Through Said It Best
    But while they sell out our sovereignty and freedom to the Yanks, can we at least tear down that damn border so we can at least get cheap petrol and deals at the mall?