Report Confirms Canada Has Its Own Phone Meta-Data and Internet Surveillance Program


  1. pat donovan says:

    I’ve been saying for years that anything that happens outside the home is public knowledge… and should be treated that way.

    I’ve also been saying that about any info on a netted computer… there are more than enough galaxy-class bugs to made that a reality.

    My rants on what cells and tablets do is much the same. Or the dangers in our banking electronic systems..

    OK, you’ve finally caught up to me, at least in part. Are yu ready for the throw-them-under-a-bus
    blood-bath part of this info revolution yet?


  2. I’d be surprised if anyone was surprised …
    Western society needs to take a step back and ask itself if the current level of intrusion by the state is warranted, beneficial or even an equitable trade off to our rights to privacy.

    Post 9/11 they all went a bit nuts, and perhaps understandably for the time, but sober judgement should take the time for a re-evaluation. Without a strident enough outcry from the public though, it will be impossible to shake the intoxicating power from those holding the reins.

    Kudos to Mr. Snowden for the conversation wake up call.

  3. Perpetual Bull says:

    We need older Canadians to step up
    I’d like to explain why it’s very difficult for young people to speak out and rally against this threat to democracy.

    I’m in my 30s. In this card game, I don’t have a good hand. I have nearly 40 years of employment ahead of me ; that’s 40 years of salary I need to support myself, my parents, and my children. I live in a security paranoid world, where employes routinely check internet history as part of a background check. Almost every employer checks this to some degree. And if the government gains more control, they’re going to start scanning for anti-government things as well. It’s very feasible that in a few years, people who have been saying too much online (or have any kind of political activism in their past) will have trouble finding ANY well paying employment.

    Not just government employment, but any employment. This trend has already started with the electronic background screenings of e.g. Facebook accounts.

    You older guys and ladies … man do I envy you. With only a few working years ahead of you, you have a lot more power than me. They can’t control your lives as they control mine. Not only the employment issue, but also your past history. If we’re looking at our adult years under conditions of pervasive state monitoring (of communications) —

    92% of my adult life has been under total monitoring
    only 23% of (a 70 year old’s) adult life has been under total monitoring

    Old guys: they have less dirt on you. Please step up here … the under-30s, who typically have been the big political activists, DON’T have a good hand here.

  4. Seems as if they’ve been stepping up anyway on any number of other fronts over the last decade. Why not this front too?

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  6. Kelly Manning says:

    Ministers deciding what should be legal
    Back in 1987 Bill Vander Zalm ordered his AG to go to court accusing BC Labor Leaders of being part of a “seditious conspiracy”. The court came to a very different conclusion.

    Even a secret court, with a public advocate, would be better than Ministers and micromanaging PMs deciding that anyone who doesn’t stand with them is standing with the seditious traitors or …

  7. says:

    Nice Onre
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