Rogers’ Changing Tune on Fully Opening Canadian Wireless to Foreign Investment

Rogers’ executive Rob Bruce in 2012 on changes to Canadian foreign investment rules that removed restrictions for companies with less than ten percent of the market:

“Our view is ‘bring it on. As far as competition goes, we’ve always been a full-speed-ahead competitor and we’re ready to go with whoever comes to market.”

Rogers’ CEO Nazr Mohamed in 2013 on Canadian wireless foreign investment rules:

Mohamed repeated that Rogers favours opening foreign investment for large telecom players too, which can’t be more than one-third foreign owned. “If the Canadian government decides to open up foreign ownership, it should open it up for everybody,” he told reporters later.

Rogers Deputy Chair Edward Rogers yesterday on Canadian foreign investment rules:

It’s a complex topic but I think our view is as Canadians we better really study and understand what that is before we do it, because the model we have now, I believe, allows Canadians to have the best wireless industry, the best cable industry, and some fantastic media assets in Canada. And I personally don’t want to just sell that. So, the shareholders maybe the richest executives enjoy that. But we have the hollowing out of Canada after that. I don’t think there’s any formula where any of these companies are own outside of Canada and they do better for customer. I think there is a lot you could argue that if we were a branch plant that Canada would be last.


  1. Jesus The Savior says:

    I wonder why Rogers would take such a stance. Are there laws in regards to implementing infrastructure? Maybe there are some backroom deals with big telecom execs?

  2. Ya Sure the best A
    Sounds like AOL when they first started then called to Congress for business practices [you could not contact them to cancel and did the same as Bell and Rogers bill and ruin your credit rating]

  3. Canadian consumers would definitely suffer a setback if Canada’s telcos were suddenly controlled by foreign companies. Anyone who has travelled outside the big US cities knows first hand that the US carriers provide very little rural coverage at all. Why would a company like Verizon offer better rural service in Canada than they would in Minnesota. Verizon doesn’t even have continuous wireless coverage along the interstate highways in Montana?

    We only need to look at Wind’s withdrawal from the 700 MHz spectrum auction last week. Their head office decided not to put any more money “at risk” in Canada. Lacavera put on a brave face and said it’s business as usual for Wind but the reality is they are not getting anymore money from head office to expand their network. If you extend that same pragmatic business thinking to Canada’s other carriers you can see the gradual demise of Canada’s telecommunication networks is inevitable if they are foreign controlled.

  4. Michael Heroux says:

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  5. @Michael Heroux
    Hello Michael, you are exhibiting classic symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia, this isn’t the proper location for such a discussion. I would plead that you seek some form of professional psychiatry help.

  6. @alex
    you not take your meds little buddy…( goes off to watch the skipper )Just where would you like people to talk about legal issues?
    I know …i heard ya say in your toilet bowl….it says things to you

  7. drive by commenter says:

    Noticing a growing trend..
    … where comment hijacking is being used to kill off intelligent conversation on topics that big companies and political parties find painful. In the past there was more use of astroturfing. Maybe the previous technique was to obvious.

  8. @drive by commenter
    Maybe it isn’t a some evil corporate conspiracy, maybe the explanation could be that one human is concerned about another persons health and well being!

  9. Foreign investment
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  10. FTFY
    Canadian wireless providers have the best wireless industry to dig deep into their captive customers’ pockets and gouge them for mobile services.

    Like how about the inability to get data without voice. Anyone who works in telecom knows it’s all the same thing (voice is data which in turn is all just wireless capacity) but they still charge you for it twice, once as voice and again as data. And then gouge you even more for “overage” when in fact the more you buy the cheaper it should get, not more expensive.

    And let’s not even start talking about SMS — those messages that fill the otherwise empty spots in signalling messages that travel the mobile network anyway — so yeah, for the carriers, SMS is actually free, piggybacking on other messages that need to be sent anyway. Not for Joe Consumer, no. He gets gouged for that too.

    Can’t imagine why Rogers would want to upset that apple cart and let some parties in that will ruin the party with real competition instead of this completely transparent, completely fake competition that the Telus/Rogers/Bell oligopoly is bestowing upon us.

  11. @Brian, I pay $3 a month for unlimited texting with one of the big three. That doesn’t seem like an outrageous sum for something I use all the time and get great utility from. BY comparison, Canada Post is now charging $1 to send a single message (letter).

    If you think $3 a month exceeds the value you get from text messaging then it’s obviously not worth much to you at all.