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New Look by duncan c (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Welcome to the New

Welcome to the new look Months in the making, the site is new in just about every way: a new cleaner, more colourful design, new content management system (from Joomla to WordPress), updated content, new topic pages for the most popular issues discussed on the site, and better search and social media functionality. The new site still uses a Creative Commons licence and now adds dozens of photos that are also CC licensed.

My thanks to Willy Karam for his years of assistance on the old site, to Amanda Lutz for her work in transitioning to the new site, to students such as Emily Murray and Alexandra Lyn for their help updating content, and to the many creators who use Creative Commons to make their work available to others.

While we have worked hard to ensure a seamless transition, any major website overhaul that transfer thousands of posts and tens of thousands of comments is bound to have unforeseen issues. Readers are invited to provide feedback and to notify me know of anything they encounter that does not work as it should.

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