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2006 "Control room at France 24" by Luc Van Braekel. (CC By 2.0).

Explain Like I’m Five – The 2020 Network: Regulating Canadian Content, with Michael Geist

I appeared on the Explain Like I’m Five Podcast on The 2020 Network, hosted by Aaron Reynolds on October 10, 2018.

In the episode, we discussed regulations around Canadian TV content, and what they are meant to achieve.

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cloud_computing-1 by Lou Gold (CC BY-NC 2.0)

How Canada Surrendered Policy Flexibility for Data Localization Rules in the USMCA

The digital policy implications of the USMCA have attracted increasing attention as Canadians consider the risks that the agreement could limit future policy flexibility. In particular, the agreement restricts the use of data localization, an increasingly popular legal method for addressing public interest concerns associated with the collection of online information by mandating that data be stored within the local jurisdiction. Restrictions on data localization are not entirely new to Canada, since similar provisions are found in the CPTPP (the successor to the Trans Pacific Partnership). That means that Canada has already agreed to limits on data localization with or without the USMCA. However, the USMCA’s data localization provision differs in a significant way, suggesting that the Canadian government has agreed to an even more restrictive approach than that found in the CPTPP.

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