Adventures in copyright by Meredith Atwater (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Adventures in copyright by Meredith Atwater (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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In Support of Evidence-Based Copyright Reform: My Industry Committee Copyright Review Submission

Earlier this week, I submitted my copyright review brief to the Industry Committee. The brief tracks my opening comments to the committee closely, focusing on the data arising from five issues: educational copying, site blocking, the so-called value gap, the impact of the copyright provisions of the CUSMA, and potential reforms in support of Canada’s innovation strategy. Due to a 2,000 word limit, the committee version will be a slightly condensed version of my original. I’ve posted both online (original version, submitted version).

The brief relies extensively on the many posts and articles I’ve written in recent years on copyright issues in Canada. Those posts are listed in an appendix and posted below:

Educational Copying and Fair Dealing

Website Blocking

Value Gap

The Effect of CUSMA

Pro-Innovative Reforms

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