profile pic jan 17-1, Rebecca Giblin

profile pic jan 17-1, Rebecca Giblin


The LawBytes Podcast, Episode 7: What if Copyright Law Took Authors Rights Seriously? A Conversation with Professor Rebecca Giblin

What if copyright law took authors rights seriously?  Many groups claim to do so, but Professor Rebecca Giblin, one of the world’s leading experts on creator copyright, isn’t convinced. Professor Giblin argues that creators are often placed at the centre of the debate only to be largely ignored by other stakeholders. Professor Giblin joins this week’s Lawbytes podcast to talk about her Author’s Interest Project, the latest data, and why Canadian artist Bryan Adams may be on to something when it comes to his copyright reform proposal to benefit creators.

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Episode Notes:

The Author’s Interest Project
Giblin, A new copyright bargain? Reclaiming lost culture and getting authors paid
Giblin, Fat horses and starving sparrows: on bullshit in copyright debates
Yuvaraj, Reversion laws: what’s happening elsewhere in the world?


Wochitte Entertainment, Hachette Authors Urge Amazon Board To End Contract Dispute
CTV News, Bryan Adams speaks in Ottawa, urges change to copyright laws
TruTV, Adam Ruins Everything – How Mickey Mouse Destroyed the Public Domain
Reagan Library, President Reagan Signing the Berne Convention Implementation Act of 1988 on October 31, 1988
CBC News, Libraries and E-Licensing

Transcript by Temi downloadable here.


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