Exhibit 1-1, Profile 2022, CMPA https://cmpa.ca/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/Profile-2022-EN_v2.pdf

Exhibit 1-1, Profile 2022, CMPA https://cmpa.ca/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/Profile-2022-EN_v2.pdf


About Those Bill C-11 Claims About the Risk to Cancon Without Urgent Action…

The debate over Bill C-11 was frequently marked by politician and lobby group claims that failure to act would place the future of Canadian film and television production at risk. While internal government documents admitted that claims regarding the contributions from Internet streaming services understated the actual contributions by failing to account for “unofficial Cancon”, Canadian Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez was happy to feed the narrative that the bill was a critical support for an industry in jeopardy.

Profile 2022, the well-regarded annual report on the state of industry funding was released yesterday. It conclusively demonstrates that the claims on the state of Cancon production are wildly exaggerated. Indeed, the data speaks for itself: record production, record Cancon production, record French-language production. Over the past decade – as streaming services has grown in popularity, Canadian film and television production has more than doubled. The following three charts and graphics taken from the Profile 2022 report tell the story. There is no Cancon emergency and no risk to film and TV production in Canada. The Bill C-11 panic over the viability of the sector was little more than a fraudulent lobbyist-inspired talking point with little basis in reality.


  1. Fortinbras says:

    As usual, Michael Geist has put his particular spin on the data to make them fit his polemic. In fact, the internal documents estimate that ‘unofficial Cancon’ production [such as the Netflix/CBC production Anne with an E] represents about $48 million per year. They also say that foreign location and service production (television only) amounted to $534 million in 2020. So, as I pointed out in my comment on his April 14 blog, this means that “unofficial Cancon” production is estimated to have been less than 9% of foreign location television shooting in Canada in 2020.

    Profile 2022 shows that overall Cancon production is growing and therefore higher than in previous years. However, as is clear from the charts above, the jump in production in 2021/22 is largely a reflection of a return to normal after the decline in production in the previous year due to the COVID pandemic. By averaging the two years 2020/21 and 2021/22, and comparing this average to 2019/20, we obtain a more accurate picture of what has happened. By this measure, total film and television production in Canada expanded by 8.5%, while broadcaster in-house production diminished by -0.1%, Canadian theatrical feature film production grew by 2.2%, Canadian television production grew by 5.0%, and foreign location shooting (aka runaway Hollywood production) grew by 14.1%. These growth rates are in line with historical levels over the last few years and we can expect growth rates in the current year to return to historical levels…

    Furthermore, in reference to the chart on Canadian content production by language, using the same comparison (the average of 2020-21 and 2021-22 compared to 2019-20), total production expanded by 4.9%, but this growth is entirely attributable to French-language production. For, in fact, French-language Canadian content production grew by 22.0%, while English-language Canadian content television production declined by -5.2%, relative to 2019-20…

    No doubt we will have more to say once the Profile 2022 data has been analysed in greater detail.

    • I see what you are saying, but am not sure I would even incorporate the stats for 2020/21 given that most “non-essential” production was halted as a result of Federal and Provincial public health orders. As I see it one may get a better indication if the numbers were broken down to reflect the average per day where there were no outside factors preventing production from occurring.

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  4. Jack Reynolds says:

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