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The Law Bytes Podcast, Episode 192: Kate Robertson on the Privacy, Expression and Affordability Risks in Bill C-26

Bill C-26, alternately described as a cyber-security, critical infrastructure or telecom bill, remains largely below the radar screen despite its serious implications for privacy, expression, and affordable network access. The bill is currently being studied at a House of Commons committee that seems more interested in partisan political gamesmanship rather than substantive hearings. Kate Robertson is lawyer and senior research associate at the Citizen Lab in the Munk School at the University of Toronto who is a former criminal counsel and the co-author of one of the most extensive Bill C-26 committee submissions. She appeared last week at the committee studying the bill and has received an invitation to re-appear this week. But in the meantime, she joins the Law Bytes podcast to talk about the bill, the concerns it raises, and some of the potential fixes.

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Show Notes:

Citizen Lab Bill C-26 Submission


Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security, February 5, 2024


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  3. TThe current bill is under review by a House of Commons committee, which is currently focusing on partisan political tactics instead of conducting substantive hearings. –
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  4. A House of Commons committee studying the bill seemed more interested in partisan political gamesmanship than in doing meaningful hearings.

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