Stop CDMCA Launches: My New Site on the Copyright Consultation

The 2009 Copyright consultation has already attracted considerable interest with hundreds of comments posted on official discussion forum, two roundtables, and several hundred followers of the official consultation Twitter feed.  Yesterday I posted my short answer to the consultation and starting tomorrow I plan to begin a lengthy blog series […]

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July 23, 2009 Comments are Disabled Stop CDMCA

Tracking the Copyright Consultation Online Discussion Forum

While the government has yet to post submissions to the copyright consultation, the online discussion forum has been active.  University of Ottawa law student Frances Munn will be tracking the discussion and providing regular updates.  Her first report, current to the morning of July 22nd and grouped into the five questions, is posted below (note that the number of responses is cumulative).

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Copyright Consultation Launches: Time For Canadians To Speak Out

The Canadian copyright consultation has launched with a site that offers Canadians several ways to ensure that their voices are heard.  As expected, there is a direct submission process, an online discussion forum, and a calendar that includes information on roundtables (by invitation only) and public town halls (the public […]

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“C-61 Didn’t Go Far Enough”

Duncan McKie of the Canadian Independent Record Production Association comments on the forthcoming copyright consultation.  There is a great opportunity with this consultation but also a great threat as groups like CIRPA will be demanding reforms that extend beyond even C-61.

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Government Issues Media Advisory For Copyright Consultation

The Government has issued a media advisory for the official launch of the copyright consultation. It is planned for 12:45 in Vancouver on Monday following the first roundtable. The CBC provides additional coverage on the consultation plans.

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