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Holi message from Minister Mendicino by Citizenship and Immigration Canada / Citoyenneté et Immigration Canada

The Law Bytes Podcast, Episode 142: CCLA’s Brenda McPhail on the Privacy and Surveillance Risks in Bill C-26

Earlier this year, Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino introduced Bill C-26, new cyber-security legislation. The bill may address an issue that is widely regarded as essential, but once Canadian privacy and civil liberties had the opportunity to review the fine print in the bill, many came away concerned. Indeed, by September a coalition of groups and experts wrote to the Minister and party leaders, stating “Bill C-26 is deeply problematic and needs fixing”, warning that it risks undermining privacy rights. 

Brenda McPhail, the Director of the Privacy, Technology and Surveillance Program at the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, led the effort to place Bill C-26 in the spotlight. She joins the Law Bytes podcast to discuss the bill and the myriad of concerns that it raises.

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October 17, 2022 3 comments Podcasts

Canadian Government Quietly Pursuing New ISP Code of Conduct

With the cost of cybercrime in Canada on the rise – a new report released last week by Symantec, a security software vendor, pegged the cost at $3.1 billion annually – my weekly technology law column (Toronto Star version, homepage version) reports that the Canadian government is quietly working behind-the-scenes to create a new Internet service provider code of conduct. If approved, the code would be technically be voluntary for Canadian ISPs, but the active involvement of government officials suggests that most large providers would feel pressured to participate.

The move toward an ISP code of conduct would likely form part of a two-pronged strategy to combat malicious software that can lead to cybercrime, identity theft, and other harms. First, the long-delayed anti-spam legislation features new disclosure requirements for the installation of software along with tough penalties for non-compliance. Recent comments from Industry Minister James Moore suggest that the government is ready to bring that law into effect. Second, the code of conduct would require participants to provide consumers with assistance should their computers become infected.

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October 9, 2013 7 comments Columns

The CISPA Impact in Canada

The EFF has an important post on the potential impact of CISPA – the the Cyber Intelligence Sharing & Protection Act of 2011 – on Canada. The EFF argues that “if CISPA passes in the U.S., Canadians could expect great political pressure to adopt similar measures in Canada.” In fact, […]

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April 19, 2012 6 comments News

Canadian Cyber-Security Strategy on the Way

The CBC reports that a Canadian cyber-security strategy may be unveiled this fall.

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October 10, 2008 1 comment News

Canada to Launch Cybersecurity Task Force?

In April 2004, the Liberal government released a report on Canada’s National Security Policy that included plans to establish a public-private cybersecurity task force.  More than two years later, it appears that the Conservative government is preparing to follow through on that commitment by launching its own task force.  Although […]

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May 24, 2006 Comments are Disabled News