The CISPA Impact in Canada

The EFF has an important post on the potential impact of CISPA – the the Cyber Intelligence Sharing & Protection Act of 2011 – on Canada. The EFF argues that “if CISPA passes in the U.S., Canadians could expect great political pressure to adopt similar measures in Canada.” In fact, it notes that Bill C-30’s voluntary disclosure provision (which I discussed here) is actually broader than CISPA’s similar proposal.


  1. Is it even possible for our current government to bow any further to pressure from foreign governments?

  2. @Joe
    In one word?


  3. .com
    Even though this bill is only in the US, will sites like Facebook be able to give away our info as well? Canadian users on an American made site- justification of American laws used on us? Sorry if this doesn’t make perfect sense I don’t think I worded my thoughts properly

  4. American ripples …
    US laws consider US companies operations even outside the US to be bound by US law. All data retained by Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Google and untold other firms would be open to access should the US government desire it, regardless of where it was collected, or the nationality of the ultimate owner/source of said information.

    If you find that scary, consider how much of Canadian health information is held in US systems, including insurance company clearing houses, as well as banking and other information.

    All such laws passed in the US have a large ripple effect here.

    There is a quote from a novel, one with some sharp political insights, that goes “… keep a government poor and weak and it’s your servant. Let it become rich and strong and it becomes your master. We don’t want any masters …”. Unfortunately, the US, and Canada, have long since passed the tipping point.

  5. oh and …
    Oh, and any Canadian firm or website that hosts or stores information on a server in the US is effectively bound by the US laws as well through their US service provider.

  6. Happyday887101 says:

    So does..
    So does this give the us jurisdiction in Canada and around the world, and will the FBI come banging on my door if I do something wrong? What exactly are they looking for?