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Cutting Community Internet Access Program Highlights Absence of Digital Strategy

Appeared in the Ottawa Citizen on April 17, 2012 as Canada Lacking Digital Strategy The recent federal budget was a hefty 498 pages, but it still omitted disclosing the decision to eliminate funding for the Community Access Program, Canada’s longstanding initiative to provide an Internet access alternative for those without […]

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Access Copyright and AUCC Strike a Deal: What It Means for Innovation in Education

Access Copyright and the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada announced an agreement yesterday on a model licence. The deal calls for a royalty payment of $26 per full time student, below the $45 Access Copyright was seeking at the Copyright Board (and below the $27.50 in the Toronto/Western deal), but well above the current rates. While the agreement is just a model that leaves it to the individual universities to decide whether to sign, it is hard to imagine that AUCC did not obtain some support from its member institutions for it before reaching agreement.

It is difficult to provide detailed comments on the agreement since the text is not yet available and the $26 figure is not based on anything more than a negotiated figure reflecting what two parties anxious to settle were willing to pay or accept. The reality is that it is primarily a product of a broken Copyright Board model that incentivizes lofty demands that set the bar higher for either a negotiated settlement or a Board rate setting exercise. It is not based on the actual value of the repertoire nor on the copying on campuses that fall outside of fair dealing, public domain, or the myriad of alternate licenses that already grants compensated access to thousand of journals and books.

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What a Difference a Year Makes: Bell on Local Television Channels

Last year, when Bell’s purchase of CTV was undergoing regulatory approval, the company went out of its way to emphasize its support for the struggling local channels it was acquiring as part of the deal. At a CRTC hearing on the issue in February 2011, company officials stated: the ‘A’ […]

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European Parliament INTA Committee Draft ACTA Recommendation

The draft recommendation from the European Parliament INTA committee on ACTA has been posted online, confirming the committee “declines to consent to conclusion of the agreement.”

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The 2012 Olympics and Branding Police

The Guardian reports on the astonishing restrictions at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, which include “branding police” to ensure only licensed brands appear at Olympic venues.

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