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Office of the Privacy Commissioner Memorandum, October 28, 2014

Secret Memo Reveals RCMP Records on Requests for Subscriber Data “Inaccurate and Incomplete”

Last fall, Daniel Therrien, the government’s newly appointed Privacy Commissioner of Canada, released the annual report on the Privacy Act, the legislation that governs how government collects, uses, and discloses personal information. The lead story from the report was the result of an audit of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police practices regarding warrantless requests for telecom subscriber information.

The audit had been expected to shed new light into RCMP information requests. Auditors were forced to terminate the investigation, however, when they realized that Canada’s national police force simply did not compile the requested information. When asked why the information was not collected, RCMP officials responded that its information management system was never designed to capture access requests.

While that raised serious concerns – the RCMP has since promised to study mechanisms for reporting requests with recommendations expected in April – my weekly technology law column (Toronto Star version, homepage version) reports that documents recently obtained under the Access to Information Act reveal that the publicly released audit results significantly understated the severity of the problem. Indeed, after the draft final report was provided to the RCMP in advance for comment, several of the findings were toned down for the public release.

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March 2, 2015 8 comments Columns

ESA Applauds RCMP IP Enforcement Work

The Entertainment Software Association has applauded the RCMP for its work in targeting infringing activities at the Pacific Mall, just north of Toronto.  The actions come despite repeated unfounded claims that Canada is a "piracy haven."

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November 11, 2009 1 comment Must Reads

RCMP Shuts Down Counterfeit Drug Ring

CTV reports that the RCMP has dismantled a counterfeit prescription drug ring in the Montreal area. This is good news and yet more evidence that the current law can – and should – address counterfeiting that raises health and safety concerns.

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August 8, 2009 Comments are Disabled Must Reads

RCMP Arrest Five Men For Pirated DVD Sales

The Toronto Star reports that the RCMP have arrested five men in connection with pirated DVD sales in the notorious Pacific Mall.  Each face the possibility of jail time or up to a million dollars in liability. 

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May 11, 2009 4 comments Must Reads

RCMP Seeks Backdoor Wiretap Access to Blackberry Messaging

CBC reports this evening that the RCMP is seeking backdoor wiretap access to Blackberry devices.  The law enforcement agency is concerned that email messaging with the Blackberry is secure and encrypted which raises fears that it is widely used by criminal elements.  Liberal MP Marlene Jennings touts her lawful access […]

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March 24, 2009 12 comments News