RCMP Arrest Five Men For Pirated DVD Sales

The Toronto Star reports that the RCMP have arrested five men in connection with pirated DVD sales in the notorious Pacific Mall.  Each face the possibility of jail time or up to a million dollars in liability. 


  1. When can we expect eh Americain press release that laments on how this shows our laws are too lax?

  2. Looks good on paper
    5 guys at the pacific mall nothin. Have these guys ever been to Yohan, or Crystal Mall?? 🙂

  3. Pirates For The Win says:

    I support pirates, not greedy monopolists.
    Knowledge is power. Education is good. As for our governments, they choose not to support “free public education” (quote from the declaration of human rights) but instead to pass laws that make various monopolies (telcos, entertainment cartels, greedy textbook publishers) flourish. Pirates are doing better things, these guys are making education more accessible. And because the governments don’t get your tax if you buy pirated CDs, you know that your money will not end up in Afghanistan or any other “operation liberation democracy” invented by USA in the future.

    Here is a quote from a Russian novel called “Tester’s diary”, where the “tester” is a young student working in an “gaming club” style apartment testing the pirated software CDs for proper functionality before they are sent to an underground duplication plant:

    “The main toast was said by the Brigadier

    “Hm… Eh… Gentlemen! What is our relationship to February 23rd? Well, except that we have to do military service? Are we making tanks? Are we forging rockets? Stamping torpedoes? Are we hiding in forests and shooting humanoids in camouflage of another colour? NO, we are not doing this. We are a more important and frightening force for our enemy. We are more dangerous for Coca-cola drunk westerners.

    Every day, our industrial CD mastering hardware prints hundreds of thousands of disks with software that costs THERE thousands of dollars. And HERE, the same CD costs the same price as the blank CD, i.e. no fucking thing! What does it give to our homeland? This gives to our homeland millions of teens that are ready for war, teens that are ready to respond to any “civilized”, fuck, society.

    For free, we are preparing intellectuals, who, for the most part, will stay here. Free progz not only make our society smarter, they also teach the society that anything that is good is also free! While THEIR scientists are saving money for software packages, refusing many things, our bastards dig in software like pigs in supermarkets. During last year, we fucked up Billy on 50 millions. Did we get anything from this? Only some money to eat, to drink, for women, and maybe for our loft…

    I know for sure if we start to sell CD more expensive, they will stop to be free, and then will come the security service of micro, fuck, soft, and will say that we must be civilized, i.e. pay how much they want. While we, the entire country, are using the software for free, all billions of dollars that THEY invest in the software industry, are working for us, and for the future of our children. We are the bleeding edge of the information war against countries, fuck, continents! Great Internet, and we can’t cede, Fido is behind us. They take us, or we take them! For us, corsairs, our life is not long!


  4. Go Back to English 10
    For starters, people are entitled to their copyright, as long as it doesn’t infringe of the consumers rights. I don’t completely disagree with the proposed laws, I disagree with its imbalances. Educate yourself a little better before you come in here shooting your mouth off. From reading your above response, you sound like some angst driven pre-teen who is pissed off at the world for no inherent reason who can’t write worth a hoot.