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Bell’s Expandable PVR and C-61

Several people have written about a new Bell commercial that is running during the Olympics promoting its expandable PVR.  The PVR includes an option that allows users to transfer recorded programs to an external hard drive for archiving purposes.  The commercial notes the benefits of "unlimited" disk space since users […]

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August 12, 2008 15 comments News

61 Reforms to C-61, Day 8: Time Shifting Provision’s Time and Copy Limits

The time shifting provision in C-61 also contains time and copy limits – Canadians may keep "the recording no longer than necessary in order to listen to or watch the program at a more convenient time" and may not make more than one recording of the program.  While it is […]

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July 2, 2008 6 comments News

61 Reforms to C-61, Day 7: Time Shifting Provision Prohibits Network-Based PVRs

In the months leading up to Bill C-61, Telus consistently argued for a "living" fair dealing provision that could adapt to changing technologies.  In particular, the company noted its interest in providing a network-based PVR that would allow customers to record and store programs that reside on computers that it […]

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July 1, 2008 10 comments News

61 Reforms to C-61, Day 6: Time Shifting Provision Excludes Internet-Only Recording

In one of several examples of how Bill C-61 takes a very short-sighted view of technology and the Internet, the new time shifting provision explicitly excludes Internet-based transmissions (unless communicated simultaneously via radio or television).  With a growing number of Internet-only broadcasters, this time-shifting provision fails to keep pace with […]

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June 30, 2008 6 comments News

61 Reforms to C-61, Day 5: Time Shifting Provision Subject to the Broadcast Flag

Having discussed the format shifting exception, this series now turns its attention to the time shifting provision (Section 29.23).  It should be noted that the legalization of recording television shows is long overdue – I argued for it last year and Canada is more than 25 years behind the United […]

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June 27, 2008 13 comments News