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Warner Music Mutes MP Angus’ Radio Documentary On Youtube

In recent years, Warner Music has become infamous for “muting” the sound on hundreds of YouTube videos that include music over which they hold copyright. While takedowns of full copies of songs is their prerogative, the effect of muting user-generated content that may have a snippet of a song as […]

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February 28, 2011 19 comments News

Copyright Lobby Astroturf Site Adds Mandatory, Uneditable Letter to MPs

The copyright lobby's astroturfing site has added a new mandatory requirement for all users that want to participate in the Take Action items. According to a site user, the site now requires users to send a form letter to their relevant Member of Parliament.  There are two letter options – one letter for entertainment industry employees and one general letter. 

Surprisingly for a site claiming to support creativity and copyright, the letters do not provide users with the opportunity to even use their own words – the form letter cannot be edited.  This is particularly striking given the earlier criticism from some of the same groups on a CCER form letter service that offered users complete control over the substance of their letter and merely served as a delivery channel. Notably, the site has already been subject to gaming from non-Canadians as a random search of members turned up at least one U.S. based record company executive with Warner Music.

The site user reports that the site briefly offered a third form letter for consumers.  That letter has apparently been removed, perhaps because it adopted positions expressly opposed by Canadian creator groups.  While the site purports to protect creator rights, the letter supported format shifting without levies (opposed by groups such as ACTRA) and educational reforms to fair dealing (opposed by writers groups).  The consumer letter included the following:

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June 18, 2010 795 comments News

Warner Music Makes Move Toward Unlimited Music for Monthly ISP Fee

Warner Music has made an important move toward creating a monthly ISP fee for unlimited access to music.  The world's third largest music label has hired Jim Griffin, a proponent of the monthly fee approach, to develop a plan that would create a pool of money from user fees to […]

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March 27, 2008 6 comments News