The Daily Oda Question

Canadian Heritage Minister Bev Oda was questioned yet again today on her past fundraising practices.  NDP Heritage critic Charlie Angus asks:

Mr. Speaker, the heritage minister's predilection for hitting up for cash the key industries she is charged with overseeing is not a new phenomenon. I would like to bring to the attention of the House the fundraiser she held in May of 2005 in the very offices of Corus Entertainment. Fern Belisle was on the board of directors of Corus at that time. He is now rumoured to have the inside track as the new head of the CRTC. My question for the minister is this. Does passing the hat around a boardroom table constitute a fair assessment process for choosing the next head of the CRTC?

Oda did not answer, leaving it to cabinet colleague John Baird to offer up a generic response on accountability.


  1. Audio Files of This
    You can find audio clips of things like this being said [ link ] There’s something magical about actually hearing this too, but that’s just me. The information stays the same. I e-mailed Charlie to chear him on in his hard work of bringing this to light.

  2. Anthony de Boer says:

    Michael, I’m almost embarassed to have to point out that the 2005 Durham EDA return shows me contributing even more than Corus did. Does this mean I have a hidden agenda? Will the NDP be asking about me in Question Period? Oh no, one of Bev’s supporters is a Linux geek! And I’m not the only one, either.

    Anthony de Boer