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Oda’s Limo Usage

Liberal MP Michael Savage provides the House of Commons with a minute-by-minute of Bev Oda's limo usage at last year's Juno awards.

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  1. el grand Taco supremo
    While I am not a great fan of the minister it sounds like she actually spent 2000 of her own money for limos. and the come back about the previous
    Liberal minister flying to banf and gettting in a limo for 23K is enlightening. I wonder did the previous heritage minister actually pay any of her own expenses ?
    As I said above not a huge fan but to my mind the Liberals are worse at this kind of thing and much more arrogant.
    I would love nothing better than to see them loose badly and have to rebuild thier worganization the way the conservatives have by trying to LISTEN to folks.
    anyway //end rant.
    PS Love your work Mr Giest please keep at it !