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EMI To Drop DRM?

While the coverage of the Steve Jobs call to drop DRM has focused on somewhat predictable opposition from Warner and the IFPI, the Wall Street Journal and Forbes are reporting this evening that one of the four majors may be ready to drop DRM.  EMI, the world's third largest music […]

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Bernier Questioned on Net Neutrality

The Bloc picked up on the Bernier-net neutrality coverage, raising the issue with the Minister during question period.  Adopting a method reminiscent of CRIA's mistaking polls for policy, Bernier responded by arguing that polling data suggests that the public supports its position on telecommunications deregulation.

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More on Camcording

The Globe and Mail runs a story on the continuing demands for Criminal Code reform to address camcording, while CBC's As It Happens featured an interview [Real – last seven minutes] with me on Tuesday night explaining why that may not be necessary

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