EMI To Drop DRM?

While the coverage of the Steve Jobs call to drop DRM has focused on somewhat predictable opposition from Warner and the IFPI, the Wall Street Journal and Forbes are reporting this evening that one of the four majors may be ready to drop DRM.  EMI, the world's third largest music label, is considering allowing online music retailers to sell clean MP3s – no DRM.   The Journal reports that a decision in this regard could come this week.  Although this could still stall, the predictions that DRM-free music is a matter of when, not if, are looking increasingly on the mark.


  1. John in Calgary says:

    I wonder if one facet of this idea is to reduce the power of Apple/iTunes? With Apple commanding a massive portion of MP3 sales (via iPod) and the associated DRM encumbered downloadable music sales, downloads offered without DRm could be sold by Napster et al and be used on those iPods. That will reduce the “lock-in” to the iTMS

  2. There is a light at EMI, it seems. They’ve recently quit using their stupid Copy Control on CDs (I found Beth Orton’s Comfort Of Strangers at AllOfMP3 and now that it’s been reissued WITHOUT the DRM, I’ve now bought the real EMI Canada version). Maybe the majors are finally getting a clue?