Quebec Court Issues Permanent Injunction Against QuebecTorrent

A Quebec court has issued a permanent injunction against Quebec Torrent.  ADISQ and AFTPQ, the two Quebec associations that filed suit against the torrent tracker site, report that the Superior Court ordered the site to shut down the section of the site that permitted unauthorized sharing of music, movies, and other copyrighted works.   The site now features a shutdown notice that says that the court ordered:

the defendants Sébastien Brûlotte and inc., their officers, administrators, employees, representatives, mandator as well as any person acting directly or indirectly on their behalf or according to their instructions, as well as to any person informed of the present injunction to immediately close the torrents on these website Quebectorrent and to refrain from being involved in any website using the bittorrent technology, peer to peer, or any other technology allowing the download of any work protected by copyright.

Update: Coverage from the National Post and TorrentFreak that suggests that this is not quite the victory claimed by the industry.