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Microsoft Obtains Further Judgment Over Counterfeit Software

Microsoft has obtained a federal court order that imposes a $100,000 award against a Quebec man for selling infringing software in violation of an earlier court order.  The decision comes on the heels of a recent decision involving infringing camcording and calls into question the claims that Canadian law is soft on copyright infringement.


  1. Is this the same Quebec guy doing the spamming?
    How about the great redistibution centre of warez that refuses Spamcop reports of such?

    Which lifespan is shorter… a Canadian blackhat or an anglophone bill collector from the west looking for a Quebecer to pay up?

    I say Viva la Quebec this time XD

  2. Most argue criminal law, not civil is weak
    please check criminal penalties and you will see copyright, trademark and counterfeiting laws are viewed by the criminal courts as weak.

  3. ya sure the guy gets a 100,000 fine you call that weak for slling a crappy OS LOL
    ubuntu is free …..

  4. pay check ?
    all pepople who bought windows millenium from microsoft back in 2000 should get a payback check ahahaha