More Ways to Speak Out: Profile Pix, Banners and Buttons

The reaction to has been tremendous with thousands of visitors since the site launched last week.  Over the weekend, the site added the opportunity for everyone to spread the word during the current copyright consultation.  A new promotional page has been launched that includes images for Twitter and Facebook profiles, along with banners and buttons for websites, blogs, and any other online presence.  There are less than 50 days left in the consultation so no time like the present to speak out on copyright.


  1. long, long delays in consultation
    It’s taking an unacceptable long time in the speed in which updates to submissions and round table discussions to be posted on

    It’s been a week since the first round table in Vancouver, and still nothing has been posted on that round table. Submissions from the public are also trickling in. Is there any word on when to expect updates, or our Canadians going to expect massive delays of critical information to this consultation? Is it possible for you to follow up on that?

  2. IP reform necessary
    Two academic papers voicing the idea that IP may do more harm than good.

  3. US Onlne Advocacy
    Interesting to contrast the polish of the US approach with that in Canada:

    Note sure of the speed/responsiveness would be any better.