Frulla Speaks

My column earlier this week focused on the satellite radio embarrassment and the willingness of Canadian Heritage Minister Liza Frulla to maintain the independence of the CRTC only when it is convenient to do so.  I argued that in light of Minister Frulla's claims that her mind was made up, the government was in a lose-lose situation no matter what it ultimately decides.

Today's Globe and Mail illustrates that government leaders recognize the problem as it reports that a senior ad-hoc committee reviewed the matter and still doesn't know what to do.  With the deadline looming on September 14th, this debacle is playing out in public with the government looking worse on this file by the day.

Moreover, the Globe also contains a very revealing interview with Minister Frulla.  First, she now claims that her mind is open on the satellite radio issue, a statement that is at odds with earlier comments and all other news reports, which only serves to further undermine her credibility. Second, she insists that she doesn't have to "take any lessons from Jack Layton and Charlie Angus" on these issues, a comment echoed in the House of Commons in the spring when she similarly insisted that she needs "no lessons from anyone" on the satellite radio issue.

Third, and most interestingly, Minister Frulla outlines her key developments for the fall.  These include the satellite radio issue, the CBC labour dispute, the naming of a new CBC chairperson, pressing for additional funding for the Canadian Council for the Arts, and travelling to Paris to sign a new UNESCO treaty.  No prizes for readers of this blog for noting which issue Minister Frulla neglected to mention.


  1. if you make something illegal, eg p2p, eg sattellite radio it does NOT mean people will stop, some will lots WON’t
    just make it legal. it’s music, NOT heroin

  2. Harold Jarche says:


    Thank you for getting these issues out in the open and for your insight and explanations. So many battles, so little time (sigh).

  3. Howard Knopf says:

    Neglected to mention? Or perhpas a Frullian slip? 😉

  4. i am guessing Bill C-60?