Page Responds to Oda Communications Director

Steven Page of the Barenaked Ladies has responded to Canadian Heritage Minister Bev Oda's Communication Director Chishom Pothier, who cited a meeting with Page as evidence that the Oda is open to meeting with all stakeholder interests.  Responds Page:

We welcomed the opportunity to work with this current government on the issues of copyright and Canadian culture, but, recent news suggests to us, sadly, that our voices as Canadian artists still cannot compete with the $250-per-plate fundraisers thrown by the big media stakeholders. They speak for themselves and their shareholders, not for artists.


  1. Dwight Williams says:

    Misremembrance as Tactic
    Mr. Pothier’s differing remembrance of the circumstances of the meeting with Mr. Page seems to have the earmarks of a tactical maneuver. No?

  2. Crosbie Fitch says:

    Now, do you believe me?
    Your only hope is to prostitute your endorsement of more draconian legislation than the industry will otherwise obtain on its own – in order to include your own trojan horse within that legislation.

    Alternatively, sit back and enjoy cultural subjugation, whilst you consume the soma the industry refines into the optimal advertising vector.