The Tyee on Net Neutrality

The Tyee does a nice job of providing the Canadian context behind the net neutrality debate.


  1. VP Marketing & Business Development, Von
    Vonage couldn’t agree more that net neutrality has taken a back seat to the Federal Government’s steady and firm drive to deregulate the local telephone market in Canada. From day one, Vonage has been an outspoken advocate on deregulation in Canada, however there always remains the risk that large service providers will use their significant market power to engage in anti-competitive activities. This is where net neutrality enters into the equation. The existing regulatory framework does not address in a satisfactory way, the fallout of what a breach in net neutrality would represent. The Internet and innovative companies such as Vonage could not exist without net neutrality. As deregulation becomes more of a reality, Vonage will continue to wave the net neutrality flag and call out all anti-competitive behaviour when it happens.

  2. Kevin McArthur says:
    Joe, would you be interested in writing a peice on what Net Neutrality means for Vonage.. for posting on the site?

    If you are, there is contact information on the site.