Rogers Listed as Top 10 Phish Host

New data from the PhishTank, a leading source on phishing information, reports that last month Rogers Cable ranked as the number nine host worldwide for phishing sites, with 419 hosted phishing sites.  While that number is far below the South Korean leader, the inclusion of any Canadian ISP on this list should be viewed as an embarrassment and yet another reason that action on the spam and phishing issue is needed now.

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  1. Not surprising. Rogers has already demonstrated their competence when their own executives, including Ted Rogers himself, had their cell phone numbers used by terrorists to make calls to countries including Pakistan, Libya, Syria, India and Russia.

    In a related story of Rogers’s competence, every month they mail my neighbour a cell phone bill. She has Rogers cable, but her cell phone is with another provider. The bill has her name, preceded by “Mr.” and followed by an address in another province, but with her postal code. She phoned them to try to straighten it out, but they told her they can’t make her requested address change because she’s not the account owner. So she keeps writing various notes to Canada Post on the bills and sending them back. Some guy in Alberta getting a free phone. Maybe some day Rogers will wonder why he’s not paying his bills.

    As for the spammers and phishers, I think they are about as low as child molesters and just stopping them is not enough. I think all the annoyance and other negative effects they’ve inflicted on millions of people should be added up and inflicted back on them. And if they survive that, they should be tortured to death.