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Supreme Court Upholds Election Publication Ban

A sharply divided Supreme Court of Canada this morning upheld an Elections Act provision that bans publication of election results before the close of all polling stations in that district.  The case stems from the posting of election results on a website during the 2000 election.  The majority of the court (written by Bastarache with concurring reasons from Fish) ruled that the infringement of freedom of expression is justified given the desire for informational equality among all voters.  The majority was unpersuaded by the ineffectiveness and inconvenience (to broadcasters) of the law, noting that "it cannot be allowed to override as important a goal as the protection of Canada’s electoral democracy."

As was the case in the Robertson v. Thomson copyright case, the dissent was written by Abella (there is nearly the same split in the court).  Justice Abella was entirely unpersuaded by the evidence marshalled to justify the limit on freedom of expression.  She states that

"Any evidence of harm to the public’s perception or conduct in knowing the election results from Atlantic Canada before they vote is speculative, inconclusive and largely unsubstantiated. The harm of suppressing core political speech, on the other hand, is profound. The benefits of the ban are, accordingly, far outweighed by its deleterious effects."

The dissent is also far more concerned with the interplay between the ban and new technologies.  

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Liberals to Reintroduce Lawful Access Legislation

I posted earlier today about Stephane Dion's new pledge on security breach disclosure and anti-spam legislation. A reader notes that the Dion speech disclosed additional, unwelcome plans.  In particular, Dion stated that the Liberals plan to introduce a private members bill that brings back lawful access. Dion states: Marlene Jennings, […]

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Spam Plans

I have written frequently about the need for Canada to move forward on anti-spam legislation (I was a member of the National Task Force on Spam that unanimously concluded that such laws are needed).  More recently, the Privacy Commissioner of Canada echoed the call for anti-spam legislation.  This week, both […]

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Net Neutrality in the Media

Amber MacArthur, now with CityNews, produced a good intro to the net neutrality issue.  Interestingly, both Rogers and Bell refused to appear on camera for the story.  Meanwhile, Shane Shick at Computing Canada provides his perspective, concluding that "if we value access to information as we do access to health […]

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