Liberals to Reintroduce Lawful Access Legislation

I posted earlier today about Stephane Dion's new pledge on security breach disclosure and anti-spam legislation. A reader notes that the Dion speech disclosed additional, unwelcome plans.  In particular, Dion stated that the Liberals plan to introduce a private members bill that brings back lawful access. Dion states:

Marlene Jennings, the Liberal justice critic, is re-introducing the Modernization of Investigative Techniques Act. This bill will allow the police and Canadian intelligence community to adapt to new communications technology. Telephone and Internet service providers will be required, subject to vigorous privacy safeguards, to include an interception capability in new technology, and make subscriber contact information available on request to designated law enforcement officials. This act strikes the right balance between the needs of police and industry, while respecting Canadians’ right to privacy.

Taken together, Dion believes that companies must inform Canadians about when their privacy is at risk due to a security breach, yet supports legislation that could result in disclosure of sensitive personal information to goverment without any such disclosure or even judicial oversight.


  1. David Canton says:

    We have seen this inconsistency before. For some reason, governments seem to put themselves on a different playing field than the private sector when dealing with personal information. Its the “trust us – we are the government” position. Not that I have any particular axe to grind with government in general, but governments have experienced similar privacy and security challenges as the private sector. And since government sets its own rules, its akin to privacy self-regulation by the private sector.

  2. Further proof that Dion is completely out of touch with both sides of any given issue.