The Viacom – YouTube Lawsuit

Text of the lawsuit here. Interesting comments from IP Democracy (noting that Viacom relies on the same laws as YouTube for two video sites it owns), Paul Kedrosky (describing it as the continuing triumph of hidebound copyright law over marketing), and Eric Goldman (on the likelihood of a settlement). 

Update: Ed Felten points to an interesting privacy angle to the Viacom suit. 


  1. Safe Harbor? says:

    Would love to hear legal opinions on the question of safe harbor, the provisions are posted here

    [ link ]

    but seems to me that YouTube violates 2 and maybe 3 provisions.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Rhys Hovey
    I think that for the best interests of the people, that a lot of internet companies need to be ripped open (“in public”), and we need to see what these companies are doing with our personal information. I think that regular people are more at risk of harm from corperations than they are from the government, given that war is a corperately funded mafia activity in many cases. Organized crime is alive and sick in the computer industry. Google are “Too big too fast” I think, much like “starbucks”. I expect nothing different from a companies obsessed with our data, even if they do pretend to be honorable. I believe they hide behind the EFF and ACLU. The snooping goes much further than internet, into Biotechnology. I am a computer scientist from the University of New Brunswick, Canada.

    it would appear that since saying this now I have been upgraded to status of “red wizzard”,. by lifeforce has been renewed as I was crucified,. bled and my blood drank for the chalice of eternal vanity,.. SYNTH video game is now the Holly grail of all internet foolishness 🙂