Green Party – Bernier Deregulation Reckless

A few monopolistic telecommunications firms will make out like bandits, while consumers will lose with worsening service and higher prices – Elizabeth May [1]

The Green Party of Canada in a press release Thursday denounced the Minister of Industry’s accellerated deregulation of telecommunications in Canada.

While many supporters of Net Neutrality in Canada also support deregulation, there is no-doubt that the way this Minister is going about the moderization of the telecommunications sector within Canada will do little more than harm consumers and limit fair competition within VoIP, IPTV and other emerging application industries.

Instead of reflecting on the oligopoly that is telecommunications in Canada, the Minister of Industry is siding with the largest of mega-corporations and is ignoring the advice of the CRTC and INDU committee.

It’s time Minister, that you allowed the commons to have a say in the future of communications in Canada.

1. Green Party Press Release

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