New Site Launched

I'm proud to announce the new version of our website. Over the next several months, I will be expanding this site and adding many more features. The initial site was an amazing success, receiving national news coverage and truly making a difference.

It's time, however, for to grow up and reduce in scope. This site's becoming a resource, and while it's been a blast calling out telecom companies and their lobbyists; it's simply david vs goliath and I can't possibly take them all on.

In that light, I'm passing the torch to the bloggers, journalists and politicians to keep industry honest. For I will be creating a House of Commons petition, soliciting and posting impact statements from Canadian stakeholders and linking to relevant sites.

There's still lots to be done, and over the next weeks and months I hope that everyone will help out by contributing content; either in the form of an open letter about your position, pro or con, or by translating content and promoting the site and the petition.

I've built the technical capacity to do a french-language version of the site into this new architecture, but unfortunately no one has volunteered to translate content on an ongoing basis. I really want a bi-lingual site, I just don't speak french and babelfish wont do. So if you can help, please let me know.

Further, if you have any skills in Video editing, please create some videos covering the Canadian Neutrality debate and I'll post them on the Media page.

Thanks to everyone who's helped advance the issue so far, and I look forward to the debate to come

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