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Canadian Heritage Says Copyright Reform is Coming

The CBC is reporting that the Canadian Heritage 2007-08 Plans and Priorities commits to copyright reform.  Indeed, the document indicates that "the Department in coordination with Industry Canada, is preparing to amend the Copyright Act in order to allow Canada to implement the provisions of the two most recent World […]

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May 9, 2007 4 comments News

The Globe on Camcording

Others have noted the Globe and Mail's one-sided coverage of the camcording story, however, there is one paragraph in today's story that requires an additional comment.  In its front page story, the Globe reports: Canada – particularly Montreal – is known as one of the world's worst offenders for piracy, […]

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May 9, 2007 8 comments News

Pre-texting Bill Passes in the House of Commons

Private members bills rarely become law, so it is particularly nice to see Bill C-299, a bill introduced by Conservative MP James Rajotte, receive third reading in the House of Commons.  The bill, which adds pre-text provisions to the Criminal Code, is a response to the infamous Maclean's article that […]

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May 9, 2007 1 comment News

The Encyclopedia of Life

This morning scientists from around the world announced the creation of the Encyclopedia of Life, a freely available site that will document 1.8 million species over the next ten years.

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