IOC to Drop Athlete Blogging Ban

Earlier this month, I wrote about sports and the Internet, pointing to restrictions by the International Olympic Committee that blocked athletes from blogging under threat of disqualification.  Peter Black provides word that that the IOC appears ready to change its policy and will now allow athletes to blog at the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing.


  1. Good news for the athletes. Now, I am wondering how will IOC treat all the potential video clips that live audiences shoot and upload to online video sites. Will IOC try to use DMCA to remove those clips? In some sense, the audiences created those clips. And you see, another interesting twist is that the clips will in 2008 will be shot in China and good luck sorting out the copyright laws in China. Just my IOC related thoughts, rightly or wrongly.

  2. article misspelling
    The editor missed a spelling error….just thought I would point it out:

    blocked athletes from **blocking** under threat of disqualification.

    I think you meant blogging, all though I could be retarded.
    That’s all

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