LSAT Fingerprinting Finding Posted

CIPPIC has posted a copy of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada's preliminary finding on the requirement for LSAT test-takers to provide a fingerprint.


  1. SIN #
    I also find it interesting that they require the SIN numbers with the fingerprints. In Canada it is used for incoming reporting and not identification. LSAC is not entitled to it and I am surprised by the number of future lawyers who do not appear to know some basic facts about Canadian law.

  2. I think the solution is pretty easy – require a passport. If a passport can be considered good enough for all the countries in the world, it should be good enough for LSAC – especially with the new “high-secure” passports.

  3. It appears that LSAC is complying with the ruling and that LSAT registrants at Canadian test centres will be required to bring along a recent photo instead.

    See: [ link ]