More on Canadian Wireless Pricing

The National Post's Peter Nowak blogs about the response to his article and my posting on the high wireless data rates in Canada and the implications for iPhone.  Nowak reports that the article generated protest from many in the industry, yet when he ran the numbers, he arrived at much the same conclusion as I did – plans from Rogers are not even close to competitive with what AT&T offers in the United States.

Update: The Vancouver Sun chimes in with an article on the same issue, titled iPhone Woes. 


  1. But Nowak sidesteps the assertion you made and the headline of his story: that Canadian prices are holding back the introduction of iphone here. What is the basis for that outrageous claim when Apple hasn\’t introduced iphone in any other country either?

  2. Todd Sieling says:

    European countries – the most likely market to go after along with Canada – have started making announcements and near-announcements of carriers. I would bet a steak dinner that Canada will not have a provider making such an announcement in the near future at all.

    The claim is far from outrageous. The technical network exists here for the iPhone, so the only thing holding it up is bad business.

  3. I used to work for Apple and I can assure you that when Apple decides to bring the iPhone to Canada it will come. But don’t kid yourself, whichever carrier or carriers Apple chooses to distribute through Canada will create a customized rate plan. AT&T did it in the U.S., why do you think it will be any different in Canada?