YulBuzz Interview

While speaking at the CFP 2007 conference at Montreal, I took time out to sit down for an interview with YulBuzz, a Montreal-based site.  The resulting interview is now online.


  1. maupassant says:

    I just listened to your interview. Re the question “Why keep the blog?” because you had “so many platforms”. I’ve got news for the interviewer, there are actually people (even Canadians) who don’t live in Toronto, Ottawa or Montreal. If the blog disappeared, you’d cease to exist in my world view. I subscribe to the blog rss feed.

  2. Christian Aubry says:

    Sorry to be so late and happy new year 2008! I’d like to address maupassant’s statement that you (as a professor) “would cease to exist in [his] world view”. That’s right, but very few professors right now have this view in mind, I think. Most of them are concentrated on their research, teaching, and wider research community worldwide. They don’t really care of sharing their thoughts with the rest of the non-academic world. This is why, I guess, this question arose.

    Of course, Martin Lessard (the interviewer) is an afficionado or Pr. Geist’s blog so he definitely supports his blogger’s attitude. This question should then be considered as an answer to other professors’ questioning if they wish to start a blog but still need good reasons and some encouragement to do so.