Slyck Interviews the CPCC

Slyck features an interview with David Basskin of the CPCC.  The interview includes the inevitable question about the applicability of downloading songs on P2P networks, which Basskin responds to by instead focusing on uploading on P2P networks.


  1. Meaningless sentence of the year award: “Canadian law does not restrain anyone from making use of any media technology for any legal purpose.”

  2. I notice that the CPCC rep seems to have forgotten the BMG lawsuits.

    “David: No lawsuits have been brought in Canada against individuals with respect to unauthorized file “sharing”.”

  3. re:BMG
    lance –

    this is probably technical legalese.

    IIRC – the BMG lawsuits never actually charged anyone, because the ISPs at the time refused to roll over and play dead by coughing up the IP addresses and registration info of subscribers. So technically no INDIVIDUALS were ever sued, the defendants were simply John Does at the time.