Oda to be Shuffled Out of Heritage?

CTV reports that Canadian Heritage Minister Bev Oda will be shuffled out of the portfolio in a forthcoming cabinet shuffle.  James Moore and Jason Kenney are rumoured replacements.


  1. Dwight Williams says:

    One question:
    This would be an improvement for Canadians over Bev Oda in what respects exactly?

  2. Better Moore over Kenney.

    That neo-con Kenney may be the guy Harper wants to appoint to swing hard right ie. privatize the CBC, reasonable accomodation of minorities.

  3. Peter Kieser says:

    Moore is probably worse than Oda, doesn’t respond to phone calls, emails or letters from his constituents.

  4. Jason Kenney would be a good choice – he just spoke at a number of events for the Chinese Canadian veterans, even complimenting leader Roy Mah for fighting for equal pay for equal rights as a union organizer. Never thought I’d hear a Conservative say something like that! For the record, I wouldn’t vote for a Conservative but I can acknowledge someone who is capable of doing the right thing. We could use more politicians who do the right thing because its the right thing, not because it might poll well. For example in BC we had a Liberal/Conservative that voted against his entire majority cabinet for stripping health employees of their collective agreement – and the courts agreed with him and the union.
    Claudia Ferris

  5. Moore or Kenney I don’t care, as long as he can keep copyright reform lobbyist Frith out of Copyright Policy Director General Neri’s panties.