Harper Government Fires National Science Advisor

Re$earch Money reports that the Conservative government has fired Dr. Arthur Carty and closed the Office of the National Science Advisor.  Carty was well-respected and took a strong stand for open access during his tenure.

Update: CBC provides coverage of the story


  1. Law
    The link to the article no longer works.

  2. Could this be confirmed via another source? The link no longer works, I can’t find the news on that website, and I can’t find any other reports of this in the news.

  3. Dwight Williams says:

    It’s a mild word for my opinion, but it’ll have to do for now.

  4. S. Miersch says:

    Link functioning

    The link to the article was functioning for me. Here is a key point.

    With the establishment of the Science, Technology and Innovation Council in May 2007, the government reviewed a number of federal advisory bodies and decided to phase out the Office of the National Science Adviser (ONSA) and discontinue the role of national science adviser, Industry Canada said in a statement Wednesday.

    Any body know the difference between these two bodies other than their partisan leanings?