NUPGE Calls for Net Neutrality Consultations

The National Union of Public and General Employees has issued a call to the government to hold open, public consultations on net neutrality.

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  1. carterfsmith says:

    I really don’t think there’s a whole lot of long-term support for Net Neutrality, but it sure does make for some interesting dialog. As the Internet forms and transforms, so many people have so many views on what should be and what will be. These often conflicting and usually opposing views seem to miss the reality of what the Internet and Neutrality is all about.

    The premise of neutrality is objectivity, or freedom from bias.

    The premise of Net Neutrality is the absence of restrictions by those providing access on those for whom the access is provided.

    If this sounds like the western expansion in the United States (and other countries before it), or if someone has burdened you with the metaphor of Internet expansion as space exploration, that’s because we, as humans, have the need to relate new things to old paradigms. If we are looking for something to really relate this to, it’s pretty simple . . . the Internet is like Utopia!

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