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Bell’s Congestion “Problem”

Bell files its congestion data as demanded by the CRTC.  The data suggests no congestion problems for at least 95 percent of the network in Ontario and Quebec.

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June 25, 2008 8 comments News

Taking Stock of My Fair Copyright for Canada Principles

Several people have written over the past week to repeat a question that arose regularly last December – "what do you think fair copyright reform looks like?"  My 61 reforms to C-61 will address many needed changes to the Prentice bill, but it is simpler to point to the eight key principles that I outlined earlier this year.  While I think the principles reflect a balanced approach that is consistent with the underlying values of copyright, only one is fully reflected in Bill C-61.  The eight principles with commentary on the impact of C-61:

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June 25, 2008 11 comments News

FSAC “Dismayed” By Copyright Reform

The Film Studies Association of Canada, a national scholary association, has released a detailed statement on Canadian copyright reform, expressing their dismay at Bill C-61.  The FSAC notes that the bill "will seriously threaten educational and scholarly rights, limiting access to copyrighted material and eroding academic protections offered by the […]

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June 25, 2008 Comments are Disabled News

“The Sleeper Political Issue of the Season”

The Toronto Star's Susan Delacourt on copyright reform.

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